A sustainable world - Our contribution to the green transition

A sustainable world - Our contribution to the green transition

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In this sustainability report, we want to present our commitment and progress in promoting a sustainable world. Sustainability is central to our business model and we believe it is our responsibility to do our part to protect the environment and ensure a sustainable future for future generations.

In recent years, the world has seen a growing awareness of the importance of the green transition and the need to adopt sustainable practices globally. In this context, our contribution to the green transition has been fundamental in promoting a sustainable world. We have undertaken various initiatives to reduce our environmental impact, promote energy efficiency and support sustainable development projects.

In this report, we will present our sustainability goals and progress, as well as the challenges we have faced and the opportunities that await us in the future. We hope this report will provide an overview of our sustainable business and our commitment to a sustainable world.

Environmental sustainability is important for several reasons.

Firstly, the environment is our common home and we must protect it to ensure a sustainable future for future generations. If we continue to exploit natural resources in an unsustainable way and pollute the environment, we put at risk our very survival and that of the animal and plant species with which we share the planet.

Secondly, environmental sustainability is also important from an economic point of view. Natural resources are limited, and if we use them unsustainably, we could deplete them or make them too expensive to extract. This could have a negative impact on the economy, as natural resources underpin many productive sectors. Also, if we don't protect the environment, we could incur costs related to dealing with environmental problems, such as cleaning up contaminated air and water or compensating for losses caused by extreme weather events.

Finally, environmental sustainability is also important from a social point of view. If we don't protect the environment, we could put people's health and well-being at risk, especially those living in at-risk areas or in poverty. Furthermore, environmental sustainability can help create jobs and support economic development in an equitable and sustainable way, thus promoting the well-being of society as a whole.

In summary, environmental sustainability is important for protecting the environment, for ensuring an economically and socially sustainable future, and for promoting the well-being of all human beings and the planet we live on.

The sustainable development goals

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG, Sustainable Development Goals) are a set of global goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015 to promote sustainable development worldwide. These goals have been defined as an "agenda for the future we want" and cover a broad spectrum of topics, from gender equality to clean water, education to sustainable energy.

Although there are many different objectives, each of us in his own small way can contribute to one or more objectives with his own work and in his company, and in the case of Hoken Tech, we try to pursue 3 different objectives:

  • The educational quality, and in this area Hoken Tech both with the various articles and guides published over the years, and with the launch of the recent Kryptologist magazine, provides that in-depth and detailed information that is difficult to obtain in this spectrum of "fuffaguru". who reveal experiences or offer amazing courses with astronomical figures
  • Responsibility for consumption and production, we talk about sustainable consumption trying to buy local products, choose quality products that last over time, but also recycled or recyclable products where possible; the use of external services is also very useful such as borrowing or renting certain products instead of buying them and thus creating other WEEE waste
  • Action on climate change, this point, in our opinion, is within everyone's reach as we ask to act directly and quickly on how much a company uses, where in our case we have started a process of replacing the company car fleet by eliminating petrol cars for those with low emissions, which in the long term will lead to focus on zero emission vehicles; moreover, since its inception, Hoken Tech has focused on carbon-neutral blockchains such as that of EOS which allows us not to impact the environment

Progress measurement

Obviously the various objectives can be achieved by actively tracking the various factors impacting the environment, which varies according to the type of company, where in the case of Hoken Tech, they are mainly given by the use of cars and the paper and energy consumption of the various equipment.

In addition, Hoken Tech benefits from the support of its founders who own and purchase trees also to offset the CO2 emission generated during the year, and a share that is calculated with various mathematical formulas to determine the number of trees to purchase where necessary.

Below we have arranged some interesting data that Hoken Tech achieved during 2022 where it managed to reduce consumption:

The energy crisis of 2022

This year, which should have seemed like a turning point after the pandemic crisis of the past few years, a humanitarian and energy crisis is affecting Europe and all its members, and indirectly on the cost of energy supply and of the gas.

As can be seen from the following graph, Hoken Tech has reduced energy consumption by over 10% and consequently also the impact of CO2, managing to carry the company forward without particular difficulties, demonstrating that even with less energy it is possible to obtain of the excellent results:


Surely our attention to climate change and the environment has borne fruit, which, albeit minimal, allow us to contribute to maintaining active protection of our planet and improve every day with various advances and implementations useful for reducing the company's impact on the world.

Finally we leave you with the various resources and the complete report you find here and here.


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