The NFT distributor of Hoken Tech

The NFT distributor of Hoken Tech

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When we talk about NFT (Not Fungible Token), we all have in mind the classic image or video that represents something that we can buy or sell in a completely autonomous and decentralized way on the various decentralized marketplaces on blockchain, so a limited iteration.

But NFTs and their potential go far beyond the simple exchange, as they can perform functions that were not even thinkable and imaginable before, as in the case that we are going to examine in which it is possible to transform them into physical objects to be inserted into the internal of a distributor but in this case of NFT.

The NFT distributor of Hoken Tech

The newborn Italian startup has created what is, in fact, the first portable NFT distributor in the world, a compact and mechanical device, which allows in its simplicity to distribute NFTs in a completely innovative and physical way, as these NFTs allow you to have the same characteristics of the NFTs that we find on the blockchain, but we can touch them firsthand.

We are talking about special NFTs and which are made with dedicated smart contracts, and this allows you to have both unique NFTs and NFTs in series to distribute the same NFT in a limited way to the capacity of the distributor or the series of NFTs created.

Once the NFTs to be inserted in the vending machine are created, it is time to manually load them into it, and only then can they be redeemed and recovered, with just 2 turns of rotation with a convenient ring that recovers 2 €1 coin one for each lap.

And here the magic happens as the vending machine will automatically drop a capsule containing the NFT that was previously created by the person who placed the relative vending machine, in his shop, at any event, and why not even in a beach bathing area, and all this going to enhance the flow of visitors and onlookers who want to experience firsthand and retrieve limited NFTs in time because once the 250 NFTs contained within the distributor are exhausted, there may be new pieces yes, at the discretion of the company itself.

Why have an NFT distributor?

One might wonder why someone should place a distributor in their business or at any event, a question that is more than legitimate and with a series of more than surprising answers.

One of the main reasons is certainly the wow effect that these vending machines generate, as new technology is combined with an already tested system that are vending machines that each of us already knows and already knows how to use, so we have an ease of use. immediate use.

Thanks to the effect of the novelty, these distributors inevitably lead to an influx of onlookers and visitors who came only to see and retrieve an NFT, given the low quantity of related pieces that the distributor can contain, as mentioned, a maximum of 250 NFTs at a time.

The versatility of the dispenser as it has small dimensions and allows it to be truly positioned anywhere, both indoors and outdoors, but also on the counter of any shop or stand in any event such as music, city, or sector, also of some country festival where you imagine creating NFTs of a typical food product and transporting it to NFT, where the curious will bring home an NFT of your product, making it known all over the world.

Let’s not also forget that this dispenser is sustainable, as it does not need electricity or batteries to work it is completely mechanical and with no electrical components and is moderately robust to withstand any impacts, especially useful when you go around carrying it with self.

Hotel, bar, or restaurant?

There is nothing better than welcoming guests to your facilities with something unique and exclusive to provide to your guests, NFTs dedicated to your facility, lasting memories that can be customized to your needs, and which at the same time act as a local and international marketing vehicle, as these NFTs can, in turn, be exchanged and sold by the owners and therefore make your structures known all over the world.

But not only as this distributor integrates very well in limited-time events such as fairs, festivals, and all those events lasting one or more days, and they can provide an increase in visitors and consequently also make the brand known or the product you are promoting.

A customized and turnkey solution

As previously mentioned, this distributor uses defined standards that are compatible only with the EOS blockchain, as the first blockchain in the world to be carbon neutral and therefore, the related NFTs that will be created will consequently be eco-sustainable.

Both distributor and NFT are supplied by Hoken Tech, which is customized in every aspect, from the image of the NFT to its content, upon the client’s indication, creating something unique and unrepeatable, as are all of our users.

How can I get more info?

At this point, all that remains is to program a live demonstration to see the live operation of this extraordinary and compact NFT vending machine, and to do so, just program a session through the relevant module that you find here:


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