Hoken Up - The first NFT marketplace on EOS EVM

Hoken Up - The first NFT marketplace on EOS EVM

Welcome to Hoken Up, the innovative NFT marketplace built on the EOS blockchain, specifically using EOS EVM. Hoken Up allows creators and collectors to express the full potential of digital art and collectibles with its advanced features.

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Create, Buy, Sell, and Resell NFTs

Hoken Up offers an easy-to-use platform for artists and content creators to create and sell their unique digital artwork in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). With just a few clicks, users can easily create NFTs that represent their digital artwork, virtual objects, and much more. Collectors, on the other hand, have access to a wide selection of NFTs to explore and acquire from various creators around the world. The process of buying, selling, and reselling NFTs is smooth, ensuring a dynamic and lively marketplace for all users.

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Unlockable Content

Hoken Up introduces a touch of originality with unlockable content, adding an interactive experience to NFTs. Creators have the option to attach exclusive hidden content or rewards to their NFTs, making each purchase an exciting surprise for collectors. When collectors purchase these NFTs, they gain access to hidden bonuses, exclusive artwork, behind-the-scenes content, or additional privileges, increasing the value and overall experience of owning the NFT.

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Simplified Integration with EOS EVM

Built on EOS EVM, Hoken Up leverages the power of the EOS ecosystem while ensuring seamless integration with Ethereum smart contracts. This combination allows artists and collectors to benefit from the efficiency and scalability of EOS while enjoying the numerous interoperabilities and established ecosystem of Ethereum, being able to use up to 16 different wallets. Additionally, creating 1 NFT on Hoken Up requires only 0.02 EOS.

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Secure and Transparent Transactions

Hoken Up prioritizes transaction security and NFT ownership. Thanks to the robustness of the EOS blockchain, all transactions are executed quickly and securely. The immutable nature of the blockchain ensures transparent ownership and provenance of each NFT, offering trust to both artists and collectors, thanks also to the use of decentralized storage such as IPFS.

Community and Collaboration

At Hoken Up, we promote a lively and collaborative community where artists, collectors, and enthusiasts can interact, share ideas, and support each other. With features such as artist profiles and collector showcases, Hoken Up aims to cultivate a dynamic community that celebrates creativity, diversity, and innovation.

Thanks to the introduction of user profiles, it becomes easy to create your own official profile, not only by inserting your profile picture, but also your website, social profile, and a bio to let everyone know about your art.

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In conclusion, get ready to explore the unlimited potential of digital art and collectibles with Hoken Up. Whether you're an artist eager to showcase your talent, a collector searching for unique treasures, or an enthusiast excited to embrace the world of NFTs, Hoken Up is the platform that combines creativity and connection on the EOS blockchain. Join us on this revolutionary journey and unlock the future of NFTs with Hoken Up.


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