Revolutionizing NFTs and Combating Climate Change - Hoken Tech's Commitment to Sustainability

Revolutionizing NFTs and Combating Climate Change

Welcome to Hoken Tech

Those familiar with the startup Hoken Tech will know that its team comprises young individuals actively committed to sustainability.

Recognizing the universal importance of this issue since the inception of the startup, we have been transparent about our commitment and metrics for a sustainable future, releasing our sustainability report year after year.

Measuring Progress

Hoken Tech is dedicated to promoting the use of renewable energy, ensuring free and accessible information on blockchain and finance, breaking gender stereotypes, and reducing mass consumption. However, without data, these would be mere words.

Sharing our data allows anyone to objectively assess our progress.

Firstly, we must collectively understand which data points to consider. Regarding the European Union, these are the 17 fundamental points that each of us should strive to positively contribute to.

Thanks to our consistent effort and attention to resource utilization in our startup’s normal activities, Hoken Tech finds itself in a commendable position, responsibly contributing to 11 key sustainability objectives, especially in the realms of education, gender equality, responsible consumption, and production:

Hoken Tech - ESG goals

Environmental Commitment

Environmental commitment is not something to be claimed without data. Hoken Tech monitors and records its consumption, allowing us to have numbers and insights for improvement.

As evidenced by the comparison graph of our CO2 emissions and electricity consumption, our commitment in 2023 has been unprecedented compared to previous years. We have managed to reduce CO2 impact by over 80% and more than halve power consumption from the previous year:

Hoken Tech - CO2 emissions 2023

Here are other general metrics encompassing various parameters such as water consumption, circularity, waste management, and mobility:

Hoken Tech - Environmental Commitment

Successes are also attributed to the use of the EOS blockchain, recently becoming climate positive, with 80% of network managers utilizing renewable sources. Additionally, through various collaborations, hectares of greenery, precisely 50,061 hectares, are being planted.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a fundamental value for Hoken Tech. We are determined to fight gender stereotypes and promote inclusion in our workplace and beyond.

We are proud to share that, according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), we have received a positive score in the assessment of social sustainability, affirming our consistent commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive environment:

Hoken Tech - Social Responsibility

Sustainable Governance

Blockchain technology plays a crucial role in sustainable governance. Our dedication to responsible and transparent management is reflected in our positive score in the GRI sustainability governance assessment:

Hoken Tech - Sustainable Governance

We strive to set an example for other organizations, emphasizing the importance of ethical and sustainable practices that are accessible to all. For instance, Hoken Tech has integrated a convenient CO2 emission widget on its website, following Professor Stefano Mancuso’s invitation:

Hoken Tech - CO2 global emissions widget

The Future for Hoken Tech

While our startup has achieved significant goals, especially in terms of emission reduction and consumption, we are only at the beginning of a challenging journey that requires even greater commitment.

Hoken Tech has presented the topic of B corporations to stakeholders, considering it a milestone to aspire to. We have initiated the journey towards becoming a B Corp, achieving a score of 35 points in the certification process. Although we are only halfway there, lacking some requirements that we aim to fulfill in the next couple of years:

Hoken Tech - B Corp score


In conclusion, Hoken Tech’s sustainability report demonstrates our sincere commitment to creating a sustainable future. We actively work to reduce CO2 emissions, promote the use of renewable energy, break gender stereotypes, and advocate for sustainable governance.

With positive scores in social and governance sustainability assessments, we aim to safeguard the environment and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come:

Hoken Tech - GRI scores

Thank you for your support on our sustainability journey. Together, we make a difference.


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