Where and How to Advertise NFTs?

Where and How to Advertise NFTs?

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NFTs represent the new frontier of both traditional and digital art, and for all those projects and initiatives that have something tangible both in terms of products and services as they offer an NFT to users, they can achieve something. in return, such as a physical book.

Moreover, thanks to the multitudes of platforms or services that allow you to create NFT, such as Hoken Tech, this sector has seen a more than exponential growth of these pieces, with collections of thousands of pieces, it has now become a scheme to create collections from 10 thousand pieces, also the result of the simple copy and paste of the initial smart contract, replacing only a few images, the so-called copy mint phenomenon.

But leaving out the scam collections, the rest we find are the result of valid and genuine artists and projects that unfortunately have difficulty in emerging from the mire of these scam NFTs, and look for channels other than the usual inflated social media which, even if they are valid, require to have an important user base to let their followers know about them.

And it is here, in this difficulty of making known their works and projects that the marketing platforms focused on NFTs, position themselves as they are designed to be able to collect, on request, our NFTs and then depending on the commitment of the author, they may have greater or lesser visibility on the platforms themselves.

Unfortunately, in this sector, not everyone knows which platforms to use or which services to exploit as those who create NFTs usually do not have a clear strategy and often do everything independently, but with poor results, it is almost impossible for a new user to create the NFT and on the same day that NFT is sold, as they haven’t thought about how to promote it, and only after weeks and months of waiting for it to be sold, do they start wondering where and how to advertise NFTs.

Today we will see together some platforms, both Italian and foreign, which allow for various reasons, to send our NFTs, or rather our NFT projects, to them to “list” them and have a broader view of the public, making us known about this tool and to all users who use it, as those looking for something interesting, also go through these platforms.

NFT Calendar

A certainly interesting site that also allows you to list your projects for free is NFT Calendar, where with a simple interface, we can see the various NFTs and projects and also their drop period and if they are finished.

As mentioned, one of the advantages is the possibility of listing one of our events for free by providing various information, and this will then be reviewed and sent for publication; there is also the possibility of paying for the service to get greater visibility on the site.

Nifty World

Another more professional site instead is that of Nifty World with different sections and also the banner for the NFTs in the foreground, but also the field searches to find the various NFTs or particular tags that reflect our needs.

Also in this case, after registering on the site, we will be able to send our NFT project by choosing from time to time all the steps that will be shown on the video, then starting from the reference blockchain of our project up to the description and price of the same.

NFT Evening

How not to mention one of the major NFT-related portals out there, NFT Evening, is a real hot spot both for getting to know the latest news relating to non-fungible tokens and for the new collections that will be released several months in advance.

There is a section dedicated to the scheduling of NFTs, where we can also enter ours, and see all the upcoming ones but also the current and past ones to also have a record of those and compare their current performance.

Upcoming NFT

Let’s continue now with a simple and effective portal, upcomingnft, as in addition to having the classic layout with the sponsored NFT section at the top and bottom of the various categories, it also allows us to send our project with the convenient button, even if in this case the relative project will be examined by the administrators who will contact us for more information.

The interesting thing about this portal is also the possibility to leave our addresses and social media, to enter the whitelist of future airdrops that there may be some NFT projects that prefer to give away part of the NFTs and this list serves precisely to provide the authors with all the various addresses to which you can send your NFTs, first of all, a tool that is not bad and is completely free.

NFT Drops Calendar

Let’s now move on to another site with a name very similar to one already seen, and we are talking about NFT Drops Calendar, a clean site with various sections from the current and upcoming drops to the news and also a dedicated community.

But the interesting thing is, in addition to having the section to send our NFT project, it is the NFT Giveaways section, which allows anyone to see all the necessary steps to be able to receive some NFTs completely free by completing some tasks on the various social networks media such as following authors, retweeting tweets and so on, a convenient tool to recover even valuable NFTs without spending anything.

Rarity Tools

This platform, on the other hand, offers a higher service its classified listing costs 2 ETH, it allows you to have considerable exposure as, due to the cost to be faced, you have greater certainty about the goodness of the project.

Interesting about this platform is the part of the NFT statistics as we can see various collections based on weekly volumes, those that generated the most volumes, those with a high price average, and those with the largest number of holders of that collection, essential to understanding where to invest and which projects are faster to trade in the market now.

NFT Hunter

To conclude this beautiful full-bodied list, how not to mention the Italian platform NFT Hunter, here is the interview made with the founder Lorenzo by me in which he tells the story of this platform and its operation. Even here we have the classic interface and the possibility of sending our NFT for free or for a fee in the premium section, and the interesting thing about it is that users can vote on the related NFTs by making them climb in the rankings and example, the NFTs of Hoken Tech is in position 8 with over 130 votes.

Finally, we remind everyone that before creating NFTs it is always good to develop a marketing strategy behind them, and we at Hoken Tech also follow all the developments of the project and its artist by creating and providing a series of services, all included, which allows the author to enjoy the fruits of his work without too many worries, it is no coincidence that the first work of the artist Juan Tardivo was sold in just 48 hours from its creation and listing.


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